Ether Feast

Tonight we invite you to join us on a journey to a corner of our universe that parallels our world in time, but not technology. A place where coal powered machinery flourishes in place of the integrated circuit, where nylon and elastic has been replaced by leather and canvas. Our adventure will feature classical dishes from the Victorian era with a modern and molecular twist. 

-Cheese Board and 
-Czar Salad
-Earl Grey Consomme
-Dr J.H. Salisbury Steak
-Bread and Butter pudding with a single malt sauce
- Jekyll's Dragon, an absinthe and opium cocktail

Cocktail specials all night including the Mesmer Mule and Hermann Carbine

Dress code is mandatory, formal wear or Steampunk.

Prebooking is required for the dinner with vegetarian options on request.

$70 for modern formal wear
$50 for Steampunk wear
All others will be denied entry for the duration of the dinner, muhahaha!

Qualia Lounge 18-20 Bridge Rd
September 17th
This is an 18 and over event

Tesla Birthday Celebration July 10th

 Come celebrate our favorite inventors birthday at Qualia Lounge. Our cunning cocktail creator and eccentric kitchen innovator have formulated a menu to unleash the inner mad scientists in you.

We welcome quirky tinkerers, corset clad ladies of the night, airship pirates, monocled gentlemen, ass stomping heroines, brass goggle toting chaps, and all others to join in the festivities.

Steampunk inspired tapas menu includes

-Green Fairy Popcorn
-Wardenclyffe Tower of Chips
-Cog Pie
-Baby Kraken
-Eggs in a Gasket
-Absinthe Mousse

and many more.
Sunday July 10th
Qualia Lounge
18-20 Bridge Rd, Richmond
(03) 9078 6099


I am writing my first novel and would benefit from some assistance.


I have an idea for a character to be based in a library. She is going to be the main character.


Any blogs, videos or assistance is greatly appreciated.



LRP, LARP, steampunk

Zeppelin Games Steampunk Live-Action Role-Playing

Hi everyone! I'm one of the organisers of a Live-Action Role-Playing group based in Melbourne. We're called Zeppelin Games and we've been running Steampunk-themed LARP events since 2009.

We'd like to invite anybody interested along to our next event!

Our LARP events take place over a weekend, with players spending the whole time in the role of either their own character or one supplied by the organisers. We've developed a ruleset which is both fair and full of potential. Games are set in the fictional nation of Fumare, in a fantasy Steampunk world of our own devising. We've had some excellent events so far and we'd really like to push ourselves this next time, so come along and see how you like it!
The event details are below the cut.Collapse )
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Steampunk Photoshoot - melbourne

Hi there, my name is Richard Ibrahim and I am a photographer based in Melbourne. I am interested in photographing some Steampunk-ers!

To see samples of my work please visit

I also did a photoshoot recently with members of the Oz Lolita community which you can see here:

If you are interested please contact me at


April - Steampunk Nightclub Event

Friday, April 29 at 10:00pm until April 30 at 4:00am
Where: ABODE Level One, Level One, cnr Martin St & St Kilda Road - St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia
Details: Ladies, Gentlemen and Androgynies… due to popular acclaim we are delighted to present The Conservatory at ABODE Level One this April. Steampunks and their associates are cordially invited to join the revelry!

April is traditionally the fool's month, and one would surely be foolish to miss this grand occasion. Whether conversing whilst comfortably arranged in our lounge space or allowing music to dictate your direction takes your fancy, all tastes will be catered for. A large selection of liquid refreshment is available from the well stocked bar.

This month will also see the Absinthe Den open for your patronage.
A traditional and delightful Absinthe Fountain from Paris (France) forms a centerpiece where the brave and the foolish can seek the visions of the green fairy. Embrace bohemian rapture and allow your heart, and the green spirits, to soar beyond imagination. Whether you are an experienced imbiber or new to the delights of Absinthe we shall be at hand to see to your every need.

Whether rapscallion or creme de la creme, we invite you to dress to impress and bring your enchanted associates along. Those who enter the doorway before the clock strikes midnight will be gifted with a complimentary $8 drink card to ensure your evening starts in a salubrious fashion.

10pm – 3am (4am if we’re still indulging)

$20 (entry before 12midnight includes a drink card up to the value of $8)

Steampunk – Period – Alternative – Eccentric etc…
(minimum neat smart/dressy - strictly NO blue denim or casual wear)

Décor & Lighting by:
Tracy G

Produced by:
BluAfterGlow & Steampunkerie

Hosted by:
ABODE Level One

We invite all invokers/creators of visual stimulation to participate.
If you wish to display/perform a visual installation, feel free to contact us to discuss the mechanics…

ABODE is a kink-friendly and queer-friendly Club/Venue, so you should be too to feel comfortable at this event.

ABODE Level One is a private Members Club. Please remember that we have been invited to share the space and we are primarily guests in their home. There will be no photography allowed without prior arrangement.
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Melbourne: Circus Oz - SteamPowered! Sat 2nd July

Circus Oz is going steampunk this June/July with their new show "Steam Powered"

Come along in your finest Steampunk attire and step into a time where romance meets technology and everything is hand-made and steam-powered. It’s a time for restoring wonder, for reclaiming technology, re-imagining our modern world and rewiring your wit. Come dressed as the Aviator, the Mechanic, the Inventor, the Mad Musician, Victoriana’s Strongest Woman or a little of all of them mixed together. Bring along your bright shiny gadgets and get ready to let off some STEAM!

For this show only (7.30pm Sat 2nd July) we have 25% off Adults A reserve tickets from March 21 – April 21 when booking with code word GADGETS at or 131600

FB event details for the special discount here:

In added goodness the night they've selected for our special night (Sat 2nd July) is also one of their Auslan shows.
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Melb: The Conservatory Fri 25th February

 BluAfterGlow and Steampunkerie are pleased to present Melbourne's only regular steampunk nightclub, "The Conservatory".

Join us for a night of conversation, shenanigans and revelry as we take over the neo-victorian library lounge of ABODE's first level. Dress to impress in your steampunk finery and connect with your steampunk community! Relax and socialise in the lounge area or dance the night away on our dancefloor. Enjoy our "Tesla" cocktail or other imbibements with a complimentary $8 drink card if you arrive before the midnight hour. ABODE is a kink-friendly and queer-friendly venue, so you should be too to feel comfortable at this event.


Breaking Euchronia News: LIVE TESLA COIL! ... 3 days to go!

Greetings folks,

We have some amazing, last-minute news: we will have a genuine LIVE TESLA COIL display at Euchronia! This has been quite a thing to organize and we didn't want to announce it until we were pretty sure it would be happening, but we can now confim that senior Physicist Ed Bondarenko, former head of the Telstra Research High Voltage Lab, will be doing live Tesla Coil and Electrostatic Leviation displays throughout the earlier part of the evening, so you'll want to make sure you come early to see this fantastic display of SCIENCE!

We're also quite chuffed to note that we were listed this past weekend as the featured pick for New Years Eve in the Sunday Age: even the city's $2.5M free fireworks display didn't merit that honour!

We also have two new fine artists added to our already amazing bill: Christopher
James Percival
from Perth and Robo von Bismark from right here in Melbourne, with some more amazing artworks for your viewing pleasure. Christopher has also produced some amazing signage work which you'll see around the venue on the night, as well as our spectacular programme book, all new ALTV membership cards (which can be collected on the door) and sundry other designwork. In addition, we also have two new performers to announce: Nikolai and Scarlet will be entertaining you with Fire and Brimstone (or similar — we expect it will smell better) as you enter the venue, so keep an eye out!

We also wanted to make specific mention of our top-billed dance performer, Magdalene from New Zealand, who will be performing not one but two awesome acts. Her first will be more burlesque and Absinthe-themed (ooh la la!) but the second will be her famous Cenobite dance, sure to enthrall and amaze, and as seen at Torture Garden (UK) and the Christchurch Fetish Ball. (This second act is not for the fainthearted and so we're featuring it toward the end of the evening: well worth sticking around for!)

Finally, we can now announce our Drinks Menu for Euchronia, including a range of vintage themed cocktails with recipes from the turn of the century and beyond, and the prices — well, see for yourself!

If you're still looking for sartorial inspiration, please check out our What to Wear and Where to Get It pages. Importantly, for those of you who're keen to add a Holostatic Aetheric Discombobulator or similar to your accoutrements, we have a much more open policy this time around, and will be permitting prop weapons — but please ensure you read the policy carefully.

Please note that tickets can no longer be posted out to you (in case they don't reach you on time), but you can either come in to Wildilocks, Peril Underground or Of Science and Swords to buy your tickets in person up til close of business on the 31st, or you can buy online to pick up on the door from! You can also purchase from Moshtix either online or at any Moshtix outlet up til 6pm on the 31st December. (Limited door sales will be available, with preference for ALTV members.)

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday!
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EUCHRONIA final lineup, artists & DJs announced, + XMAS SPECIAL!

Are you still ummming and ahhing about NYE? Need a few more reasons to be convinced that Euchronia this year will utterly eclipse 2008's hugely successful event, and you'd be completely mad to miss it?

Read on, for there is much to tempt. (If you're already convinced but still ticketless, feel free to skip to the end for details of TICKET DISCOUNTS.)


Many, many of you have already purchased your tickets (and we're particularly overwhelmed by number of interstate visitors this year!), but if you still haven't gotten around to it, or if you're looking for a perfect last-minute gift idea, we're offering a little incentive to buy earlier rather than later.

Euchronia's XMAS SPECIAL: if you buy before 25 December you can receive 2 tickets for only $125, a discount of $15 off current prices (and $45 less than you'll be charged on the door)!

Euchronia Ticket - Standard Release x 2 +postage options

In addition, ALTV memberships are still available ALL the way up to NYE, providing tickets at the presale price PLUS 4 free standard drinks, entry to the member's lounge (now with FREE TEA and COFFEE ALL NIGHT LONG!) and membership package, all for the modest sum of $85 per combined ticket. Bargain!

Euchronia Ticket w/ALTV membership + postage options
Please add League Name(s):

Please note that we are expecting the event to reach capacity, so don't leave your decision too late. Remember, any tickets remaining for sale on the door will be $85 each, and ALTV members will be given preference.
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