chaintool (chaintool) wrote in melbournesteam,

Ether Feast

Tonight we invite you to join us on a journey to a corner of our universe that parallels our world in time, but not technology. A place where coal powered machinery flourishes in place of the integrated circuit, where nylon and elastic has been replaced by leather and canvas. Our adventure will feature classical dishes from the Victorian era with a modern and molecular twist. 

-Cheese Board and 
-Czar Salad
-Earl Grey Consomme
-Dr J.H. Salisbury Steak
-Bread and Butter pudding with a single malt sauce
- Jekyll's Dragon, an absinthe and opium cocktail

Cocktail specials all night including the Mesmer Mule and Hermann Carbine

Dress code is mandatory, formal wear or Steampunk.

Prebooking is required for the dinner with vegetarian options on request.

$70 for modern formal wear
$50 for Steampunk wear
All others will be denied entry for the duration of the dinner, muhahaha!

Qualia Lounge 18-20 Bridge Rd
September 17th
This is an 18 and over event
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