Omega Morningstar (omegamorningsta) wrote in melbournesteam,
Omega Morningstar

Steampunk on the Radio in Melbourne.. TONIGHT!

Greetings and Salutations! Steampunk DJ Omega here at your service with an announcement... 

I'm going to be on the radio tonight from 10pm doing a "Steampunk 101" as part of Sci Fi & Squeam on Joy FM, 94.9 if you're in range or you can listen online at

I'll post my set list after the show has aired, along with links to download the session hopefully :)

Your support will ensure that steampunk music gets more airplay in Melbourne, so if you're able to call in (0427 JOY 949 (0427 569 949) or 1300 JOY 949 (1300 569 949) or email ( supporting the idea, that would be fantastic! :)
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